20.01 Continuing Issues

All of the lagging issues that rolled out with the 20.00 Danger Room update continue in the 20.01 update as well.
As reported massively across the forum and in bug reports a great number of us can't even play any longer and even have major issues just trying to open CRYSTALS.
I personally can't play any timed event, time expires before I can complete a fight. This has a mess impact on us trying to win in alliance war along with completing any events to again REWARDS.
It has taken me 10 minutes or more to open 5 CRYSTALS on more than one occasion.
Completing a single easy level danger room with just 3 fights takes 10 -15 minutes from start to finish.

If you can't fix this at least provide a way for those who prefer it to step back a version to the working state of the game before Danger Room 20.0

I'm running android on a galaxy tab and a RCA Viking pro tablet. Same issues on both
I use wifi with a super fast connection and full strength signal.

I did not have these problems before Danger Room and would like to be able to play as would many others. I have years invested along with many dollars into my account and this update was rolled out without proper testing on kabams side and we should not pay the price. While bugs and issues do exist in the world of apps and games, masking things worse with updates is something that should not happen.

Again, if this can't be resolved ASAP at least give us the option to step back to the previous version that did work and was playable.



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    Just saw your post after I commented on someone else'S. This is what I wrote.....

    I am experiencing lag and phone getting super hot too. It also keeps freezing especially when I go to my crystals to try to open them. I keep complaining to my alliance in group chat but most aren't having the problem SMH.
  • Hey guys, I'm really sorry to hear you're experiencing these problems!

    There's an active discussion HERE where others have also reported the same issues. We're currently gathering more information in an effort to identify the exact cause and develop a solution. To help keep the Forum tidy, we'll be closing any additional threads on the topic.

    Please take a moment to contribute to the thread linked above by providing the details outlined in our Bug Report Template.

    Thank you very much in advance for your assistance as we work to resolve these issues as quickly as possible!
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