Rank 4 5*?

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I've got 3 t2a in my stash.
Who should I rank up?
I have the initial clear of LoL and completion of act 5 done.



  • Ghostrider without a doubt
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    Infantry wrote: »
    Ghostrider without a doubt

    For LoL!?
    That is an lol
  • XFA_RebootedXFA_Rebooted Posts: 1,045 ★★★
    Rank up SL if you need to do LoL. He is your best choice.
  • AnthinhoAnthinho Posts: 211
    @XFA_Rebooted, read correctly he already finished LOL, and you dont need to go around telling people to do polls
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    Infantry wrote: »
    Ghostrider without a doubt

    yup, this
  • XFA_RebootedXFA_Rebooted Posts: 1,045 ★★★
    Anthinho wrote: »
    @XFA_Rebooted, read correctly he already finished LOL, and you dont need to go around telling people to do polls

    The initial clear. Not 100%
    And I was just helping... I didn't know if he knew how. That's all
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    You want him to make a poll listing 33 champions? And SL is already R4
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,928 ★★★★
    Thanks, I think..
    I'm well aware of how to do a poll and I've done an initial clear of LoL.
    I don't see any point in taking SL any higher as his damage is capped in LoL.

    I have a mystic ag that I'm saving for Voodoo or magik.
    I pulled Karnak from the act 5 5* crystal and I almost have another 5* shard crystal so hopefully I'll get something good from that
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    Angela would prolly be your best hard hitter, other than that I don't see anyone that I would rank up higher. Sorry just hold for now.
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    You are the first guy with an army of 5*s that doesn’t have Blade.
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,928 ★★★★
    JayCee wrote: »
    You are the first guy with an army of 5*s that doesn’t have Blade.

    I tried, many times for his feature
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    Rank up sentinel if you don't get anything good from the 5* crystal.
  • INTEGRALINTEGRAL Posts: 852 ★★★
    None of them. Trust me
  • If you have t2a expiring then your best options are GR or Angela. They both have there uses but personally I might go with Angela (I was actually in the exact same predicament and took my Angela to r4 and haven't regretted it). The only downside to Angela is that she is available as a 6*.

    Angela is crazy good especially against many of the typical bosses or minis in AW. She absolutely destroys IMIW, and She is pretty decent against Medusa. We had an IMIW as boss the other day and I almost solod him. The only reason I didn't was because I was playing pretty defensively when I should have been much more aggressive while he was above 15% health. Had I played more offensively I have no doubt I could have solod him with my r4 Angela.

    Another example was yesterdays Medusa boss in AW. I tried with Angela because I hadn't really done it before. Took her down to 9% in one go and the only reason I didn't solo her was because I ran out of time. However, as it was my first time playing Angela vs Medusa boss I was playing very carefully but could have been a bit more aggressive and gotten that last 9% in the 3 minutes. My strategy was just to pummel her when she didn't have her furies, and when she was in autoblock mode I would bait her heavy attack, dash back, and then follow up with a heavy attack of my own (which can't be parried or blocked by Medusa). If you have 3 fury stacks on Angela a good heavy attack will do 15k+ damage.

    Those are my thoughts and hopefully they are at least somewhat helpful. The main thing that I love about Angela is that she is a great counter to IMIW and Medusa, both of which are typical bosses in AW. Considering AW is where the greatest rewards are it seems logical to rank champs based on usefulness in that mode, and Angela fits the bill pretty nicely.
  • GhostboytjieGhostboytjie Posts: 303
    Just rank ur angela. She is good for LoL aswell. And hits pretty hard
  • GhostboytjieGhostboytjie Posts: 303
    Or Ghost rider. They both beasts
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