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Need a top 90 AQ /plat 1/2 alliance

About me :
Took a short break after last AW and ready to jump back in , finished plat 1 but don’t mind plat 2 or 3 since they require less spending on boosts .
PI : around 7300-7400 (because one my R5s isn’t duped)
Skill level : as good as it can get
Spending : minimal spending
Grinding : just enough for donations
Activity : just enough for AQ , AW but not map6 x 5 days
AW paths : 1,2 ,3 8,9 (till I dup. My void ) usually zero deaths & zero items used but boost .
AW defence : very decent and can rank another defender if needed .
AQ map 6 : can take any path with my C team without items used .
Line ID : themo2az
IGN : mo2az
Ps. : dont mind the low rating I sell all ranked 4 stars


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