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Looking for a new alliance since my old one is disbanding! LV50 370K+

Been with my old alliance for like 15+months. Went away to Blackhat/Defcon in August and came back an noticed we lost like 5 players but I know they boot people from time to time for not playing. Then traveled again and came back a week or so again and now they booted like another 20?? like 5 of us left. For the record even when I do travel I make sure to log on and join Alliance Wars and such and try to play for at least 30-60 mins a day and I ususally am able to do that each day. But they got real strict on each other and I checked out the chats and seems there was some "differences" going on which stay out of that sorta stuff as I play to relax and enjoy. Nothing bad to say about them, and don't really want to waste time scrolling through weeks to a month worth of chats to see what happened.

Anyway, looking for a new group, so hit me up if you are looking/recruiting new members!qupse9bknlxv.jpg


  • abelarmiabelarmi Posts: 86
    We have room for 3 if that works. Gold 2, AQ 55555. Should have been gold one but that is one of the reasons we are looking. Lol.
  • abelarmiabelarmi Posts: 86
    Look me up, line ID abelarmi
  • Gladiator2014Gladiator2014 Posts: 283
    Hi Merlinflex. We are an alliance in rebuilding mode. We are focused on AQ. We play map 4 in 1 BG and map 1 in a second BG. Many of our teammates have low ratings and are still working to develop their roster. There are no donations and minimums in our alliance as we play to relax and develop our rosters. When our teammates have grown sufficiently, we will do war.

    Our alliance is [1Dos3] and my IGN is gladiator2014. We would love to have you join us in an active, fun, and friendly environment with no drama. Please check us out.
  • We can take in all the guys left in your alliance. We are very active with a stress free environment looking at maps 4 and 5 for AQ very skilled and friendly group.
  • Kapsdan1Kapsdan1 Posts: 51
    Hi, line app me kapsdan1 same name in game. We are relaxed ally with no event minimums. Gold 2, map 4 n 5 aq.
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