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Two players looking for alliance

Two players around 4500 Prestige and 200k PI with experience on map 4/5 looking for alliance that is friendly and active in SA, AW, and AQs(preferred map 4-5). We are active, always carry ourselves in events, war, and quests. Just looking for somewhere that will help maximize our growth!


  • StucatStucat Posts: 26
    Check us out House Targaryen if interested dm me.
  • ninjadtkninjadtk Posts: 30
    Band of Brothers could be a place for you. Check us out, my ign is same: ninjadtk
  • FlavorFlaveFlavorFlave Posts: 89
    (Oath2) Oathbreakers can definitely use your services...

    We run 5x5 AQ and Gold1 AW

    DM me on line app: flavorflavewow

    In game name is: flavorflave wow

  • You would be welcome in Masters of Westeros: 4.5 million Silver 3 Alliance looking for 1-2 members with Line app

    No donation requirements as of now. We run three AQ battlegroups of varying difficulty: 4-2-1 and 3-2-1 but building to running map 5. We run one War as much as possible. We keep notes and resources in our Line chat to help our members grow and be the best players they can be.

    Our team ranges from Heavy hitters with 8k+ rated champs, to new but active players looking to grow
  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 670 ★★

    We have 2 spots last I saw. We run maps 4/5 in separate bg's. We use an app called Slack, much less annoying than Line. Gold 2 war.
  • Archangel442Archangel442 Posts: 158
    Im inclined to think our alliance would be good for you... and 2 openings right now... friend me in game angel of fury44, let’s talk
  • justin311justin311 Posts: 112
    @Vassili24 We are AQ map 5x5 and Gold-1 tier 5 AW. We actually need 2 in the same BG so you 2 could stay together. We are very active, communicate well, and chill. Sounds like it would be perfect.

    My LINE id is - jphill311 Add me if you're interested
  • Thunder5715Thunder5715 Posts: 98
    If you are still looking add me on line at thunder5715.
    Aq map 5&4 100% all 3 bg. Aw 3 times a week. Gold 1 tier 7
  • @Vassili24

    I know you'd prefer an alliance that does Map 4 and 5, but would you consider an alliance that does 3x5?

    If you're still looking for an alliance, the check out The Order of the Ebon Hand [O.E.H]. We're chill but active 4.4 million alliance that's recruiting three plus players with a base rating of 100K+. The LINE app is REQUIRED in order to join. PM one of our officers (ARGaming86 <---ME, OpethFan1) or our leader Liam Seven (ebonhand) on LINE for more details. Adding one of us is a MUST especially ebonhand.

    IG:GorerillaTactic, Liam 7, OpethFan1

    We were Bronze 2 (last season) looking to advance to Silver by the end of Season 4. We got knocked back to Stone 1 after a loss last AW recently, however we do run Map 2 & 3 simultaneously except during AW when we run 2 BG's on Map 2. In AW we're Stone 1, Rank 949, Tier 12.

    AW currently runs two to three times a week with one to two BG's while working towards three BG's after we acquire 30 members.

    Participation is key! Group participation in completion, item use, duels, etc to reach max rewards is highly recommended. No donation requirements. We understand that life issues happen, but please communicate.

    With the new AQ system in place, we're running Map 2 and 3 simultaneously; 2x5 and 3x5. Once we hit 30 players, we might run three BG's with Map 2, 3 and 4. The use of top champs is a must where nothing under 2K in AQ/AW is allowed/recommended. No pressure to join AW/AQ but participation is required/high recommended when joining.

    Our last updated stats are as follows : Stone 1 - 4,418,987 (4.4MIL) - 1,059 AW Rating
  • Hit me up on Line ffnmvigyivygyvk
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