That time of year again in arena...

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Welp. We knew this would happen again eventually. Seems eventually came sooner than we thought, though!

The cutoff for the most recent Spiderman arena clocked in at approximately 17 million. As you might recall, 17M was the number that finally got Kabam to change the arena game and give us our 5*s to use and doubled the champion pool.

But what now? It's not even been 6 months since the Archangel arena kicked off the new game and we're right back where we started. No doubt cool champions (Gladiator Hulk's been rumored a long while) are coming up, and those cutoffs are only going to get crazier, less accessible, and altogether even more frustrating and demotivational.

So what do we do? I think I have a solution.

Make the Featured Champion a Milestone.

This has been suggested many times, I am certain. But I think I have a bit of a twist that might make it enticing for both Kabam and players.

First. Back then, there seemed to be no reason to make the milestone a featured hero. There was nothing to grind for anymore if you went and accomplished that feat. But now, something else has been added: 5* shards! No doubt many top players will be clamoring for 5* shards now that new 5*s are becoming more and more readily available, especially with signature stone handouts on the rise. The featured arena, for some, is no longer about the champion. I believe many veterans will believe me when I say the game is about the 5*s now. So then, what's the bigger prize? The 4* Featured? Or a nice 5* shard prize for the people who grind the hardest?

I know which one many people would prefer.

So what I'm saying is, set the champion as a reward for a milestone. No, I'm not saying the milestone has to be easy. Heck, you can even scale it to increase (reasonably!) based on arena score results. This will no doubt get more players to use their champions, and units and boosts, to play when they know they are guaranteed a certain reward after hours upon hours of hard work. And then the shards are the real gravy, the bonus prize for the extremely focused grinders. The ones who deserve to try for the 5* featured. I think a system like this would help players and Kabam grow closer to each other, and more importantly, keep everyone happy.

Ps: This isn't just a salty 'I want my featured'...I got Spidey twice. Haven't missed a featured since BPCW! I just want to help everyone to be happier in the game.


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