Need Semi retired Alliance. Chilled and relax.

Hi guys,
Need Semi retired Alliance. Chilled and relax.
looking for silver 1 aw alliance, As i have duped 4/40 Defenders,and i want to concentrate on getting attackers on high level.
Aq map 44322 preferred but can work something out with alliance. Previously played map 5 , And gold 2 AW, now need some break from constant pressure :) for a while anyway.

Contact me : LINE ID : kg186


  • P.S. Forgot IGN name : kg186
  • Still looking
    Sent u a msg in line
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  • Srizzo00Srizzo00 Posts: 27
    My alliance runs mostly map 2 and occasionally map 3, we do run 2 AW groups, but we’re in the silver brackets (I think silver 3). If you happen to be interested, let me know.
  • Bump! still looking
  • JeniouisJeniouis Posts: 276
    I have a growing and diverse alliance, with players at different levels. So we have a group on Map 1, a group on Map 2, and I'm looking to expand and start a group on Map 3. Since you're a veteran, it would be a good opportunity to help some new players grow and help build us from the ground up.

    We run Quest 3 days a week and war only once a week on the weekends. You wouldn't have to constantly participate in all those so the participation requirements are low.

    Discord is required though. If you're interested, add me in the game: jeniouis
  • Sorry bud, i use line app:) but thanks for reply.
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