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Emma Frost labyrinth bug

Was just testing my 5 star r4 awoke sig 85 Emma Frost in the labyrinth against rulk and when she was in her telepath form rulk was able to evade her basic attacks if I’m not mistaken champs are unable to evade her when outside her diamond form. If anyone has also had a issue please comment so we can make sure she is running properly.


  • SevSynSevSyn Posts: 72
    Likely you know this part, but just adding insight for developers to comment on...

    I am not certain of the game designer's intentions... but Labyrinth nodes have the global buff Mark of the Labyrinth. Mechanistically, could it be that the node is generating the evade and not the champion (defender)... therefore Emma Frost cannot anticipate the evade/dexterity since it wasn't generated from the champion?...

    Maybe someone can test on Spider-Man and see if only *some* of the evades work versus Emma in Telepath form (i.e. those evades generated by the node surpass Telepath form, but the evades generated by Spider-Man's ability were not successful).

    Either way, if I ranked up Emma Frost for a Labyrinth run, I would be dejected to find out the Telepath form was ineffective.
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