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First 3x T4CC, which one to rank up?

MaxRangeMaxRange Posts: 7
edited October 2018 in Strategy and Tips
Hello all, first time posting here. After months of getting stuck on 4* 4/40 with number 0 on all t4cc, I finally managed to get 3 of them for multiple classes. But then I have a common dilemma of which hero should I rank up first for each class.

I do AQ and occasionally AW but my main goal right now is to become uncollected.

Here are the list of 5* and 4* in debate that could use the t4cc rank up:

- Iron man infinity war 5* 2/35 unduped
- Stark spidey 4* 4/40 unduped

- Wasp 5* 2/35 unduped (just got it from 5* featured)
- Luke Cage 4* 4/40 duped
- (grind for Capt IW in basic arena when it comes out)
(I also have Void duped 4* but I enjoy playing with Luke Cage more)

- Carnage 5* 2/35 unduped
- Hyperion 4* 4/40 duped
- Corvus Glaive 4* 4/40 unduped

Basically it's like a choice between god 4* or demi-god 5*. I don't more which one should I rank up.

Opinions are very welcomed of course o:)


  • Mike12867Mike12867 Posts: 477 ★★★
    Stark Spidey for Collector - Luke Cage for Act 5 future exploration (unless you pull 5* bleed immune) - Hyperion for abom fights in Act 5 - Corvus for AW - IMIW for AW def in that particular order

    I would suggest stopping at max 4-5 'god' tier 4* to 5/50 as they become useless in future
  • ItsTheBroskiItsTheBroski Posts: 492 ★★
    IMIW, in a heartbeat
  • InimicoInimico Posts: 52
    It’s useful to get some 5/50 god tier 4*, like LC and sparky which have so much utility. Those two are worth taking to 5/50. They were my first two as well, and I don’t regret it.
  • MaxRangeMaxRange Posts: 7
    Thanks guys for the suggestions. For science I'll definitely rank up Luke Cage, and cosmic most likely Hyperion. For tech I'm still torn in between IMIW and Stark spidey though (most likely gonna be Stark spidey).
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