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got 6 days left on symbiote event

so tonight i'll have master complete 100% and already made one run on epic
so i'll have the cat taking my symbioid to rank 5

so with
5-6 days left
1000 units
449 klyntar Strands
not much left in terms of potions or revieves

do i have enough to try symbiote difficulty or just do epic

I heard symbiote wasn't too bad with the right boosts


  • ContestOfNoobsContestOfNoobs Posts: 1,348 ★★★★
    Epic is pretty easy, just know the right boost for the boss and ull be fine. It was made for ur symbiote to tear through it.

    Rewards are worth it...if u get something good.
    The event was fun until i duped my groot..for 2nd time.

    But rewards are rewards!
  • You need Cut Deep, Total Carnage and Undying which cost 40 strands. Cut deep lasts 20 minutes while the other two lasts 10 minutes. So you need an extra 30 strands to keep it running for the full 20 minutes. One path has 7 fights and there are around 10 paths per chapter and 3 chapters total. Throw in the odd Fight Dirty against evade champs and anti debuff boost against Void and you will be out of strands half way through. I suggest you focus on Symbiote difficulty, no nodes and no Golden Symbiote.
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