Should I rank up my 4* hela?

I am level 40 and just finished act 3 ,I have a 4* hela (rank 1 level 10)my other good 4* are x23, sabretooth,cable.i don't know whether she is a solid option generally as I think she is good only for longer fights.should I rank her up or wait?

Should I rank up my 4* hela? 3 votes

Yes rank her up
Spity68Fhfjghhggggjfhfjg 2 votes
Wait for someone else
SuperSam57 1 vote


  • TivjyotTivjyot Posts: 50
    I would say rank up ur sabertooth and x23 up to 4 40 if u have resources they both are really good and watch some YouTube videos for sabertooth..
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