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Guys can anyone tell me which rank heros should I use to get high win strike in arenas both featured and basic...
Thabk you


  • ComptonCompton Posts: 18
    Here is the bare minimum to get on it.
    Fights 1-5: unranked 3 stars.
    Fights 6-10: 4/40 3 stars.
    Fight 11: 2x4/40 4 stars, 1x unranked 1 star
    Fight 12: 2x3/30 4 stars, 1x unranked 1 star
    Fights13-15: 2x4/40 3stars, 1x unranked 1 star
    Fights16-17: 1x5/50 4 star, 2x4/40 4 stars
    Fights18-20: 3x4/40 4 stars
    Fights 21 and up: 1x4/40 4 star, 2x3/30 4 stars

    I use that formula every week and never have issues. Just make sure you are choosing your best utility champs in fights 9 thru 15. Matches 16 and up, you can use higher rated champs, equivalent 5 stars etc if you have them.
  • Great input, @Compton! Always awesome to see Summoners helping each other through the trickier parts of the Contest!
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