Best use of 3 cosmic tier 4 catalysts

Currently I have a four star sig 99 Medusa at 5/50. I rolled a five star draw today. After 12.0 at one point he was considered the second best cosmic champ. Recently I’ve heard a lot of begging for rank down tickets. Is he still a viable choice to rank 3?

Best use of 3 cosmic tier 4 catalysts 13 votes

Upgrade four-star sig 20 Hyperion to rank 5
Aanthoth3_josephFhfjghhggggjfhfjgSaket_123RockypantherxSidDDragonFooshblalala 7 votes
Upgrade four-star sig 10 Corvus to rank 5
SuperSam57DR_MantisToboggan1Scrubkiller_1GritabitEsket1t_420 5 votes
Upgrade four-star sig 1 Proxima to rank 5
Amazing_Demon05 1 vote
Upgrade unduped five-star Drax to rank 3
Upgrade unduped five-star captain Marvel to rank 3


  • DoctorofEvilDoctorofEvil Posts: 217
    Drax is still a demigod champ and worthy of a. rank 3 - but only after 5/50ing Hyperion and Corvus. Drax is weak against bleed-immune champs, and the beauty of Corvus and Hyperion is that they kill immune champs.

    Its definitely between Hyperion and Corvus - but which one is up to you. Personally, I find Corvus VERY frustrating in long fights after his 20 hits are up (and waiting forever to come back) and his "triple immunity" is not always there.. Hyperion is great IF you can stun the opponent and if a couple of heavies give you 4-6 furies. Otherwise he needs more strategy (such as letting his power gain get you to a special 3 and then taking advantage of that buff to do damage on future hits, etc.).

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