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Can you guys get some analytics people to better target deals. I have 2 5/65 and several 4/55 and 6 stars. I do not use four stars anymore besides arena. I have no interest in four star rank ups or sig stones.



  • Offers should vary based on your status in the game. Uncollected should have different offers. Period.
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    So just like ya'll like to say not all content is meant for all players not all deals are meant for all players
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    Over priced too
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    Patchie93 that is true but I work with analytics and they do not seem to do any targeted marketing. If they spent some time they would target much better based upon forums, social media and what I pulled or did in game. Then if I was half a t2alpha away from ranking up a god tier they could make me an offer.
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    hurricant wrote: »
    4-star *claps* champs *claps* are *claps* worthless *claps* since *claps* 6 stars *claps* have *claps* been *claps* introduced.

    This, except many users utilize and most content except the Variant difficulty EQ are geared towards 4 stars being a valid option to be playable. Uncollected EQ is still perfect example of this.
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    2y ago (just before 12.0) they did a 4* awakening deal for 100. Now it's 50...

    4* are much, much less valuable now.

    1. Back in the day few people had a lot of 5-50s, for example, and duping them was very difficult.
    2. This is when it would allow you to awaken an actual God Tier champ like Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Doctor Strange and....u guys remember Thor? RoL Winter Soldier in less than 10 hits? No champ in the game is as valuable as they were, not even by a long shot. (Starlord, though mostly untouched himself, has never been as valuable as the other 4 except in certain situations)
    3. On top of that the value of 4* has decreased greatly in 2y (5* were fairly new back then).

    So a 50% reduction in price does not seem like it matches the devaluation of items/champs.
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