Why you (marvel) dont put green goblin ultimate or the normal one?

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Why you (marvel) dont put green goblin ultimate or the normal one? 19 votes

Green goblin ultimate
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Green goblin
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  • There's supposed to be a goblin coming next month with doc octopus from what I've read
  • Green goblin ultimate
    But i hope that suppose green goblin would be the ultimate
  • SummonerB2SummonerB2 Posts: 556
    Green goblin ultimate
    the battle between ultimate spidey and ultimate green goblin is great it was to the death but i won't spoil it... search up ultimate spiderman death
  • Green goblin ultimate
    I know that comic, but theres a second part

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    Green goblin
    Screw ultimate green goblin. I want the original one!
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    Marvel doesn't control who gets added to the game.
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    They ARE addind the classic one and while I wosh Ult GG was an option unless he makes it to 616 I doubt it
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    Green goblin
    OG goblin is more of a money grab buddy. That's why no ultimate goblin
  • Green goblin ultimate
    Uncle fattle im talking to marcel the game, i call the game marvel is that any problem
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