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Seeking map 5 Alliance

I am an Adult players from the United States,

I am really seeking an Alliance that does map 5 in AQ.

I am at that point I need tier 4’ s basic to make my roster strong. Please I can not be in a low level Alliance now. What I bring to any Alliance is a player that makes sure the Alliance and my battle group knows any information on me for any reason I can not be on line. I have pictures of my top champions on line App.

I am needing this Alliance to run Map 5 in AQ and want to help with AW in gold.

Please I am path seeker in game, and I have line app group me chHQ and will use any app in order to join the right Alliance for me.

On line add me ggodorova or in game path seeker.

Thank you,

Happy Holiday ( I seek a path that is right for me)


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