The game moves on its own.

After so many lost fights and useless frustration this game is screwing with me and many more. I can take losing because i cant play right but losing because the game doesnt move as i want it to is unaccepted. I swipe left to evade and my champ goes in for a medium leaving me open. I hold block and my champ never lets go leaving me opened to heavies or missing chances to go in for an attack. I am mid combo and my champ decides to evade back or end the combo or just stand still. Let alone the times where they throw a special out of nowhere. I am waiting at a distance and the champ choses to charge a heavy out of nowhere. This is insane and ive thought my phones screen was the issue but the screen is fine. So many others are having the same issue. Its stupid and its frustrating and has lead to many loses even in aw or aq. What better way to make the people use and buy pots than a small "mistake" right? So many times ive lost due to this reason and its taking the fun out of the game.


  • BigKOBigKO Posts: 25
    same here
  • Hey there!

    I'm sorry to hear you're having performance issues with the game, however, the best way for us to assist with investigating this issue we ask that you head over to the appropriate issues thread. You can find them below. Each have their own template to fill out with information if you can. Thank you in advance!

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