Bland, needs some serious reworking

I want to like this game. I really do. But the fact of the matter is, its boring, and while in concept it seems like it could be the best fighting game in the history of mobile fighting games, it falls so short on execution that it's a disaster. When I play a game like this, I want a reasonable roster from the get go and to be able to unlock more as I progress through the story and get achievements. I want combo attacks made by inputting specific attacks in a certain order, resulting in a new move all together. Right now, this game is little more than a blatant cash grab that's just taking up memory on my iPhone. But it doesn't have to be.

Lets start with the biggest offender: characters. The way they are unlocked, the way they work, what's wrong now, and how to make it good. First, the starting roster. Its too small. When I play a fighting game, I want a wide assortment to choose from from the get go, and to unlock more as I progress or get achievements (defeat X by doing Y, do <insert move here> ## times, etc.) Not using in game currency to get crystals which may or may not have the hero I want. That alone would drastically improve the game, but there's more.

Moves. Look at any fighting game that's not on mobile, and you'll notice something in common: entering a certain series of attacks in a specific pattern results in a new, stronger move. Not just the series of light, medium, and heavy attacks you just used, but a new single strike special to that character. The Haduken of Street Fighter, the "Get over here!" of Mortal Combat, etc. are prime examples of this, and its things like that that I want to see more of in this game. Right now every single character has the exact same play style, with the only things setting them apart being a passive ability and a super attack. I want more. I want to see Spiderman use webs to pull in opponents, I want Captain America to throw his shield with the right input, or Hulk to do a "Puny God" thing. Not just light, medium, and heavy attacks.

Next, on the subject of characters, balance. Right now, those with money get the best heroes, and thus have an advantage over those who just want to enjoy the game. Its not fair. Heroes should be on equal ground. I get you need micro transactions to make money, but use it to unlock heroes early, not buy ones that are stupid powerful.

Finally, combat itself. Its too easy and too fast. Not the moves or anything like that, but the health. It drains so quickly, the match is over in a couple of seconds. When I'm fighting someone, I want both sides to struggle for at least a couple of minutes, not get ten hits in and its over.

With these in mind, I hope you guys will look into it and make this game the great fighting game it can be. I know you have the ability, and I know this game has the potential, but right now, its just a waste of memory on my phone.


  • namelessnameless Posts: 31
    Well i can say is this game is getting out shined character wise. Future Fight drops 6-8 a month plus uniforms while this company drops 2. How does a company that was just able to start releasing X-men characters make outshine this game already. They're about to drop Apocalypse and his 4 horsemen and last update they dropped all of the Sinister Six plus home coming Spiderman. They already have Thanos and the Black Order. I feel Kabam could do a lot more and idk why they choose not to do so.
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    Its a mobile game man. Its free. Contest of Champions is not a tournament fighting game. Go buy a console and play street fighter or Tekken.
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    Isman1998 wrote: »
    Its a mobile game man. Its free. Contest of Champions is not a tournament fighting game. Go buy a console and play street fighter or Tekken.

    Well it being free doesn't back up Kabam's laziness of things when it comes to this game. They could have atleast implemented ranged attacks. Have Spider-Man be able to shoot his webs or Ironman shoot his beams. They implemented this in their Transformers game so we know it can be done

  • Isman1998Isman1998 Posts: 520 ★★★
    You do know thats what their specials do right? Also whatever transformers did thats what they did to the transformers game. If you enjoy that one more go play it.

  • NoobeeusNoobeeus Posts: 332 ★★
    There are 100 champs in this game. If all of them had special moves that required different moves how would you remember them all?

    I remember Mortal Kombat and how hard that was to remember all of the specials and fatalities and all the rest of the **** they ended up was ridiculous.

    Most of the champs in MCOC have a play style that requires no more than 5 hit combo, parry, repeat.

    Most recently though, probably since Phoenix and Quake have there been champs with different mechanics.

    I am enjoying the new movesets and think you are way off track with your synopsis. Clearly you aren't a veteran.

    Also try to find a fight in tier 1 or 2 AW where fights last 10 seconds....maybe in arena and thats fine, the faster the better since its a GRIND to get the score to win the champs....
  • FAL7ENFAL7EN Posts: 297
    edited July 2017
    Isman1998 wrote: »
    You do know thats what their specials do right? Also whatever transformers did thats what they did to the transformers game. If you enjoy that one more go play it.

    We're not talking about special special attacks, just regular ranged attack from a distance. Creates more strategy and likeness to characters.

    Has nothing to do with what I enjoy, it's what the company can do.

  • ArgentArgent Posts: 3
    I only say this to avoid slams against me personally (cough cough subway big mac comment cough cough) all I did at first was post a review on their app store page. Then they said to submit a ticket (I assumed they meant this, may be wrong) and I repeated what I said. Now, you can disagree with my ideas, which were meant to make the game more enjoyable but I will admit aren't for everyone, but at least post your own ideas too. I would love to hear what others think besides just "your ideas are bad." if you have something better I implore you say it! You may have ideas I didn't think of that are better than my own. I'm just a single person, I don't know the thoughts of others.
  • Uncle_Fatty_247Uncle_Fatty_247 Posts: 346 ★★
    You should do something about that cough, not healthy.

    Anyway, I never said your ideas were "bad", but comparing this game to Future Fight is apples and oranges, since my Subway / McDonalds comment was a little too harsh.

    After briefly skimming over your post, it sounds like you haven't played this game for an extended period of time. Which is absolutely fine, not everyone will like the concept.

    The most glaring point that's not fair judgement is when you say the combat style is "too easy"; it's a lengthy, strategic process, you won't find instant gratification here. Even if I gave you a million units to buy crystals, set up masteries, etc., the harder content, and probably even the mid level difficulties, would be a little overwhelming because you didn't pickup any learning experiences along the way.

    Yes, it's a mobile game, not rocket science, but people that think it's just mindless tapping of your screen aren't the best sources for advice.

    If you choose to continue playing, I think you'll learn to enjoy it; either way, best of luck in whatever you decide.
  • Uncle_Fatty_247Uncle_Fatty_247 Posts: 346 ★★
    My mistake, the other Spider Gwen made the Future Fight comparison. I apologize.
  • Neroa65Neroa65 Posts: 302 ★★
    Lol. I'm guessing it's under a month or less since you started this game. Maybe even a couple of days. :D:D:D

    Have you unlocked masteries? Have you completed story quests? Do you take part in alliance events? What about solo events? Have you completed The Realm of Legends? Have you completed Road to the Labyrinth? Have you completed The Labyrinth of Legends? Have you beaten the Collector?

    The game is fun because it's simple but while the fighting mechanics and gameplay might seem simple, the entire game is far from that. Tbh, imo your idea about about a specific pattern resulting in a more complex attack-ish idea as well as your "wide assortment of heroes to "choose from" idea goes against what the game stands for. It's gameplay style is simple but progression is slow. You're not supposed to start and finish when you want, heck I don't even think there's a "finish" yet in this game.

    One should be gain more experience before suggesting their ideas.

    If it's boring to you, go ahead and uninstall it.. One less player won't make any difference as it is.
  • ArgentArgent Posts: 3
    I've put in a few hours into this game. Every fight was the same, although they did scale in difficulty, and every character played the same, or at least the four I was able to unlock thanks to their ridiculous unlocking system for characters. I won't say I know everything, but I'm not clueless. At least in this regard. But at the same time, I am tired of being forced to play the same characters every single fight just because their broken system won't pay out with anything new. And on the subject, a question: WHY ARE THERE TYPES IN THIS?! SCIENCE, MAGIC, MUTANT, ETC. MAKE NO SENSE FOR A FIGHTING GAME LIKE THIS. Sorry, but if I want to play a game like that, I'll just play Pokemon.
  • meoreanmeorean Posts: 57
    So, to summarize your position, you don't like the game. Therefore, Kabam should rework it to your liking. Completely ignoring the other players that DO like the game... Good luck with that.
  • Uncle_Fatty_247Uncle_Fatty_247 Posts: 346 ★★
    So you played "a few hours" and obviously hate everything about this game, so why bother wasting your time complaining about it?

    If you feel like so many aspects of this game, or anything for that matter, needs significant changes for it to be acceptable to you, then you should either (1) look for something that closer resembles perfection or (2) lower your expectations.

    And the champion classes are there for a reason, maybe a few more hours into it will start to reveal why.
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