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Mystic AG

Is Dr. Voodo only mystic champ worth the awakening gem?

Mystic AG 22 votes

YouconfusedZ3ROFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 3 votes
Symbiot Supreme is also worth
Harbinger195Mitchell35sickboy9Deltrons 4 votes
I'd use it on Morning Star or Magik
ArcDeAngelusthetaman23TendersquadSolrac_2axelelf_1Shadow_PhoneixPedritkoThe_red_EclipseYouAintReadyBroGeorgiaDawgMvJ96 11 votes
You are so wrong. I'd use it on...
Riise81ShrinidhiShtickRickFrivolousz21 4 votes


  • ShrinidhiShrinidhi Posts: 139
    You are so wrong. I'd use it on...
    Magik, MS, Symbiote Supreme and Scarlet witch if you are talking about 4*
  • BeginthEndBeginthEnd Posts: 325
    MS 5* = no more pots, units, revives and all that junk. Once you become the master of soul that is.
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