Premium hero crystal

U give me max. Time 2 star champs from phc only twice i got 4* champs from it.


  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 515 ★★
  • Tim1234Tim1234 Posts: 126
    We need a phc do over so we can get new champs from it especially the two star champs ... it adds some variety to the game so we can all get the chance to use some of the new champs
  • Tim1234Tim1234 Posts: 126
    And two star crystals to have to include new champs
  • Tim1234Tim1234 Posts: 126
    It’s has been some time now but I don’t even have a 4 star wolverine I have been playing this game for three years now and I don’t have a 4 star wolverine that’s not what I expected of this game .. the system
    of getting new champs to add to our rooster should be considered
  • Tim1234Tim1234 Posts: 126
    Always getting duplicates... kabam are you trying to frustrate players or give them a good time ? Because this game sucks **** .. big time it’s monotonous we deserve better that this ...
  • amyrockzamyrockz Posts: 2
    Don't know what's wrong with rift ...i just get signature stones every time
  • TitanPunchTitanPunch Posts: 60
    edited May 2020
    One of the greatest joys (and frustrations) of this game is getting a 5* champion of your dreams. I can understand that this might take time but it should not be totally based on RNG of over 150 champions which could mean “never”. Design a way where dedicated players who invest time and effort (and maybe bit of money when offers are good) over long period can ultimately get rewarded with a champ of their choice. Maybe one every 6 months. Incursion crystals create an illusion of these but it is still 10% RNG. That’s not good enough.
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