4239 prestige long time player looking for a new home

Been playing a long time I've seen a fair amount of this game. Can run aq 5x5. Looking for a long term friendly alliance that doesn't have to be pushing as hard but still gets good war rewards and works well together. Not particularly looking for a map 5x5 alliance but at least one that finishes the maps the start 100%. Line id is troll9.


  • havoc78600havoc78600 Posts: 23
    Look us up. Alliance tag p1gnk . Ingame name havoc7860
  • PazicianPazician Posts: 28
    I'll drop this here and then you can message me if it's interesting to you.

  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 1,836 ★★★★★
    Look me up, zuffy316

    We run 55552, aw tier 5-7
  • We run 55555, rank top 800 . AQ. Teir 2-3 AW.
    Line - Michaelcanals
    Alliance tag- vol2 9mill+ Alliance
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