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KM synergie?

Can anyone explain this.


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    Darth_SemzDarth_Semz Posts: 104
    What part mate?
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    samalasravansamalasravan Posts: 163
    "This synergy is enhanced in the next tier" this part for winter soldier
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    Alex13369Alex13369 Posts: 31
    If u get a better version of Km,like a 5* or 6*,the abilities from the synergy will improve,with a 6* Km Ws gets 5% attack for each hit in the combo metter,if I recall correctly :))
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    samalasravansamalasravan Posts: 163
    Ok I got it thanks for the help Alex and haji_saab
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    Blubfish_666Blubfish_666 Posts: 237
    It’s okay
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