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Tired of the Stress of War? looking for a more AQ Focused alliance? we are looking for you!

I am an officer of a 10 Mil alliance, Gold 3 in Season 6 only doing 2 bg wars to get that rank and AQ focused alliance that does Map 5, Map 4 and Map 3 in each bg respectively. How does that work you are probably asking? well in Bg 1 we do Map 5x5, Bg 2 we do Map 4x4 with a map 3 to finish on day 5, and in bg 3 we do a Map 4x2 and map 3x3. We constantly will hit 50 to 70 mil in AQ milestone points which means a good chunk of Map 5 and Map 4 crystals with a decent amount of Glory each week.

We are looking for 1 very active player that has experience with Maps 5, 4 and 3. if you are a very active player looking to focus more on AQ to help upgrade your champs you already have then we are the Alliance for you. We still run War to keep up with the seasons but typically just 2 bgs every 3 days so it is optional to join. We do however will at times run a 3 bg war and that will be mandatory to join and participate in. With doing so many map 5s and 4s we do have mandatory Treasury donations but they are minimum amounts to allow us to run those maps.

If this is sounding interesting to you please add me on Line and we can talk more. We are again looking for experience players with Map 5, Map 4, and map 3 than can handle their own paths without getting ko'd quickly. Thanks and keep having fun playing this game :D


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    FEARZ_0FEARZ_0 Posts: 69
    Wish this alliance just did 5x5 in all BG’s! I’m so sick of War it can’t find a good 5x5 Alliance that doesn’t do war
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    zbot34zbot34 Posts: 443
    Yeah. we are working toward trying to do all Map 5 in all bgs. but we have a handful of players under 220K still that are upgrading champs to be able to start doing a map 5. but i don't think we would ever stop doing war but we certainly don't push or expect people to spend money or units on revives or potions to participate in war. I mean it is appreciated if it means the difference between a win or a lose but it is definitely not pushed on any player within the alliance by any means.
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