Reason of getting banned

Hey moderators well if i am here today cause i can't acces to my account may i know the reason of my ban ? cause i playing the game since 2017/01/01 and i got banned now wow ! that's seems wired well i don't know maybe cause i m actif on the game +20 hours per day which it's anormal so you guys got to tell me about my reason of getting banned cause that's wired


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    Using mod ?
    Sharing account ?

    Must be one of it.
    I got Kabamed too..

    My cousin using my account in his phone and he using mod after i check.


    So banned..

    But.. life goes on
  • i was banned, but i haven't used mod or something similar..i wanted to ask them the reason, and they answer to me that they can't know the specific isn't so normal!!!!
    just 150h left right now...i'll wait
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    Let's see your accounts you poor innocent ppl
    Owh..i got banned too..i logged in with another phone but I'm wondering was it prohibited too?
  • Modders got banned though
  • SungjSungj Posts: 1,644 ★★★★
    For everyone that got a week long ban its is for account sharing,
    mods got permanently banned banned while account sharers are now getting a week long ban
  • Lol
  • From what I am hearing, the permanent ban was for people who cheated or modded, and if a person who did mod, used someone elses account, that someone's account was banned too.

    The recent ones with the time limit are being banned for emulators, i.e. bluestacks. Save your excuses. Kabam found you and won't do anything about it.
  • The forums are not the place to discuss any actions taken on individual accounts, including in-game bans. There is more information here in our forums regarding bans.

    Our Support Pages also include this information.

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