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2 players looking for an Alliance

Check us out, Game id, "itransform" & "Danimlu".
What we are looking for in an alliance:-
-An alliance preferably from the US
-Active and serious members who participate in all alliance events, no slackers
-Have a good mode of communication like a Line group chat and we prefer active line chat
-No donations please but we can think about it. We prefer map 3 and map 2

If you are down to take us in, just add me as friend in game and we can talk


  • itransformitransform Posts: 16
    P.S: You can comment here too if your alliance fit our requirements. I have 146k rating and my friend has 120k.
    It'd be better if your alliance is 3 mil
  • Luismarquez131Luismarquez131 Posts: 164
    I'm part of a laid back alliance, we have no minimum requirements other than being active. Most of us are US based aside from our leader. Our tag is Guard if you want to message an offer.
  • SakkbanSakkban Posts: 96
    I would say our team is laid back and friendly, but we are still pretty ambitions towards AQ/AW. We have a weekly donation requirement though as we run maps 54444 mostly and those are paid. If you are interested you can hit me up in game or line, the ID is the same - Sakkban
  • RoStMaRoStMa Posts: 69
    whats up. come check out [GO-ML]. we are experienced players based in the U.S. we use line and we are active in AW and AQ (currently bouncing between map 2 and 3) I sent in game request to you two.
    In Game: RoStMa
    LINE: rostma
  • Fails69Fails69 Posts: 14
    5mil with donations required and line app. We run map 55552.

    ally tag FFA

    If you want to step up and get T4cc
  • CappyCappy Posts: 132
    4.3mil low key Alliance, we run Maps 33222
    no donations
    always push for events
    GroupMe used for communication
    AA3 is the alliance tag or look me up cappyismyhomie
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