6313 prestige looking for alliance

my prestige is 6313 im rank 60 have 1 6* champ 1 r5 5* with high sa (158) 2 r4 5* champs. I am looking for a silver 1 or better ally running map 2 and 3. lower maps is due to my not having time for map 4 or 5 due to the fact i work 60 hrs a week.


  • BigFnMike93BigFnMike93 Posts: 56
    Hey man need a member who is strong for war we’re in plat 3 right now but I’m sure will drop to gold 1 with the deadweight we have now so we’re looking to replace a few guys we run map 4 though but can carry you through as long as you help when you can it shouldn’t be a problem
  • BigFnMike93BigFnMike93 Posts: 56
    Line id is BigFnMike93 add me if you want to talj
  • SiabhSiabh Posts: 47
    Hey, we are gold 3 alliance, running 542. It's according to your availability on that particular day. So u can just chill in map 2 or play map 4 or 5 if you have extra time while still getting the rewards. If interested hmu in line "siabh00"
  • Friend, we run Maps 4,3,2 no donations. I would gladly accommodate you as we have vets and newcomers. We are very active and complete quest and compete in Wars. If it something that interests you please add me in game at DIRT MONE. Thanks for your time!
  • Goken2345Goken2345 Posts: 621 ★★
    Map 5 all week
    Gold 1
    Line name: Goken23
  • Nicoluc24Nicoluc24 Posts: 34
    We run map 553 times 5. Tier 8 war. Use line and active. HMU in app or line if interested. Nicoluc24
  • dfam7975dfam7975 Posts: 37
    Hey Stryke, I'm doing some recuitment searching this morning and finding more and more alliances looking for the reverse as far as really high AQ 5 days map5+ and lower rating or in war or totally bowing out of war altogether. My group runs a bit of a mixture because we are a majority of full time job adults as well. We run 1 or 2 war groups depending on schedules and have been silver 2 for all seasons so far. For AQ we run 4,3,2 if we're near full otherwise 4,3 or 4,2 all five days. Your choice of which to join based on your own schedule. First come, first served is how we say it. Were just a good consistent group with low pressure. In game friend me dfam7975
  • TangogrTangogr Posts: 27
    Silver 2 newly blended ally running 2/3 depending on AW. Participation is a must, line mandatory. Great group! Have fun, work towards better rewards. Reaper of Pain, or Tangogr
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