Player Rating and Champ Selection

Hello friends I am new to the game. I have many questions (May be some are silly) anyway
1. What is player rating and how to improve it faster?
2. What is we earn gold by completing events, story mode, arenas. We earn dungeons by competing in so. How glory is earned?
3. How to choose champions to rank up. Say I have 6 4* champ at rank 1 and level 1 and before I rank them up what should I look for. Is it hero rating, or class or something else? As I have seen in some discussions Magik was preferred over others. All were saying magik is good I wanna know why? On what basis a player should decide which is good.

Please Help 🙏🏻


  • John757John757 Posts: 1,064 ★★★
    You search some YouTube videos about McOC top champs. That’ll help you the most
  • 1) Player rating is just a total of all your champs. Each champ has prestige. Prestige matters in this game but only for the absolute top tiers. It doesn’t really mean anything for you right now, don’t pay attention to it. Your rating will adjust based on your masteries which you should focus on as you grow.
    2) Glory is earned by joining an alliance and contributing in an Alliance Quest.
    3) Do some research. There are a ton of champs and they each have unique abilities. Some will help you complete content and others you will regret ranking. There are tons of info to help here on YouTube, Reddit, etc.
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