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Alliance War Focused Gold 1/Platinum 3 (TIER 4) ALLIANCE SEEKING MEMBERS

The HAWW alliance has gone through a whole new revamp & we have a whole new look. We just finished Gold 1 (Rank 24) in AW season 7 & looking for a couple new additions to round out our alliance & keep kicking major ass in AW seasons! We were so close to reaching platinum & we will be pushing for platinum season 8. Our alliance consists of semi-retired ADULT veteran members who kick ass & have fun with NO DRAMA! We run Map4 (now that Map4 is free) in AQ & understand that life takes priority. Here is some information about our alliance:

Alliance Information:
-Alliance Tag – HAWW
-Alliance Name – Shahs of Marvel
-War Rating – 2,305
-War Tier – Tier 4
-Season 7 Alliance War - Gold 1 (Rank 24)
-Alliance Rating – 20.6M+
Alliance Requirements:
-Must be active during AQ/AW
-Must have line App
-No donations required (This means you can use your earnings for anything you want! YAY!)

If you’re looking for a home to have fun, make great friends, get great rewards, & grow all at the same time, then message me on line! My Line ID is krz¥salt. My IGN is krzysalt
Best regards,


  • deadly316deadly316 Posts: 52
    4 members active for AQ & AW .
    Just need to know about alliance rating and
    donations and as per 4 players will be allowed to play AW and AQ
    Players game id & pi
    andy2539- 465,000
    & L0k!theking -145,000
    Line I'd is deadly3166
    If interested please acknowledge or else always
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