Bug: Connection Issue Message - Receive Dupe of Previously Obtained 5* Character!


I'm sorry if this comes across as strange, that's why I'm posting. I am sending a support ticket BUT you know how hard support has it reading 1000s of messages per day! ;) But I hope this helps explains the possible bug clearly! <3

- multiple reports of players getting a connection issue message as their 5* basic crystal stops on the pulled champion
- relogging in OR backing to the home area to check the Champion profile shows a duped champion which happens to be the previously pulled champion
- ie. I opened 3 legendary crystals from the Valentine's Event: 4* Colossus then a 4* Domino then a 5* 90s Cyclops then I open a 5* basic and receive a connection issue and can't see what champion the crystal lands on -- back out and see a duped 5* 90s Cyclops
- this is the same issue multiple people are reporting when they when the last 5* crystal has a connection issue
- the probability of having 2 back-to-back champions is extraordinarily rare <1% x <1% hence why multiple reports recently makes this appear to be a bug

I hope this helps any investigation needed. Happy Valentine's!



  • Hey there, if you are experiencing connection issues while playing the game, we are collecting reports related to that. The thread for iOS can be found here while the thread for Android devices can be found here. If possible, could you share the information requested in the thread related to your device? Thanks!

    Also, if you are ever not sure about what Champion you pulled from a crystal, you can get in contact with our Support Team and they'll be able to look into it if you can let them know the approximate time you opened your crystal.
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