change war start time

As an alliance, it matters when we start war. We need to be around at the beginning and the end most importantly. I understand the desire of kabam to start all wars at the same time... but it should be the same time everyday. Make it consistent, or better yet, move it to the same time as AQ.


  • The old method that allowed alliances to select the start time that worked for them is far better than this new method that restricts that ability. While the overall functional if the new system may work, the start time requirement is terrible. Please correct the problem Kabam!!!!
  • Not shutting you down to stop this conversation, we truly do want to hear your thoughts on this. We just happen to have a thread currently open this morning as well about the topic. I commented over there recently and someone shared comments from Miike. Please head over there to contribute alongside other summoners.
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