Still haven't received my units i paid for

I am truly disappointed being a four-year veteran a contest of Champions that the urgency of putting my units in my account has not been on kabam's to-do list I truly enjoy playing a video game everything about the game is awesome I've never had issues like this before but it's been over 48 hours keep getting emails they ask for a receipt I gave it to them they still asking for more information I gave him my Summoner level I gave them my profile name midnight King 83 level 59 they're still talking about they have to conduct more of an investigation they got the receipt showing that I purchased it I'm truly at my wit's end with Kabam support and I really would appreciate if they take what I'm saying a lot more seriously and take care of my units on my account properly by today because I really don't think what I'm going through should be happening I'm a loyal customer I enjoy the game but this is truly ruin the experience of playing this game knowing you spend money on something and does not get replaced it is not fair thank you and have a good day because I'm not having a good day and I haven't had a good day for the last couple of days because of this issue


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    @midnightking83 , maybe try to uninstall the app, and install it again?
    If that doesn't work, im sorry but the mods here won't be able to help, maybe try sending a ticket to the support team.
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    You will need to stay in contact with Support and provide the information that they are asking for. I'm truly sorry that this has been such a struggle, but please understand that there are measures to take in ensuring your accounts safety and validity before things can occur. We can't assist with this on the forums as it is directly account related.
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