Terrible Kabam server

Most of the day in my Morning hours which means now, when I try to move in alliance quest and/or Alliance war, I face this connection issue. My WiFi is working really fine and the proof is the post I am doing it here now if have any doubt. This is really terrible because when I got into a fight in alliance war even today the game screen went blank as shown in (upper picture). And I waited nearly 10 minutes and nothing happened but I guess it’s just kabam happened to me as usual.
Then I back it main menu in game and returned back to game to see I lost half health of my champion blade and a death has been counted on this tough winning war.
I saw someone stating in forum that for the money being spent by the player, we shall never hear any excuses regarding servers.

The above one death is really gonna change the victory of my alliance and it’s making all other 29 members effort and items in terms of boost used in aq to go waste..

I need immediate response. Or else pls switch off the war till you are ready to provide stable version. We are here spending not to lose war rating and rewards.
It’s and humble request.
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