Looking for 2 Skilled UK/EU players needed for UK/EU bg | gold1 | 54444

Hey Everyone

We are a group of mostly uncollected players who are all active daily and play for fun.

We run three BGs. 2 are uk/euro teams. 1 team is from the USA. All players are in the GMT -8 to +1 range. Since we start AW and AQ at 20:00 gmt it makes life much easier having players in the same bg within a few hours of each other.
We appreciate that our private lives come first and we aim to have a good work life / game balance

We find ourselves needing a skilled 2 UK/EU players who can clear a path 6 into path 7 in group1 and path1 in group2, including the mini boss in aw tiers 5 to 7.

Alliance war: Gold1 is s8 target with the aim of progression to plat3

Expectation is players join within 2 hours of war starting and will communicate when linked nodes go down.

We run AW with full diversity and assigned paths. Defenders are also agreed upfront.

We have been gold1 the last 3 seasons.

AQ: 107m point.

We run AQ 54444 with the possibilities of 5 x 5 AQ in future.
Donations are 15k gold and 1k loyalty

Again, we expect players to join within 2 hours of AQ starting.
No assigned paths.

We hit 400-500k SA points weekly.
We ask players to hit 15k in 3 day event and 1,5k in item use.
No SA targets, just make sure you're not bottom each week. :))

Requirements are:
+ Can clear a path in aw up and including minis at tiers 5-7
+ 35k defense

Not joining aw or aq is kick able, as is not respecting team mates.



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