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Opponents interrupting combos

benshbbenshb Posts: 636 ★★★★
Is it just me, or the opponents are able to get out of combos after 2-3 hits, can launch specials mid-combo etc.
It's like i make a few milisecond delay and they boom, hit me in the face or just evade out between hits.


  • AxeCopFireAxeCopFire Posts: 1,115 ★★★
    It's just you.
  • ThatGrootGrootThatGrootGroot Posts: 427 ★★
    I haven't had it happen much, but I've had a couple instances where my 5-hit combo was interrupted. Really annoying. It's not happening often, so I'm not bothered much, but I'm definitely watching for it now.
  • LurkerLurker Posts: 196
    it's not just you. I had a couple of war fights where the AI was able to dex back mid combo. first time it happened I just thought, "weird, did I button mash slower than usual". the second time, it was clearly a dropped input that the AI capitalized on.
  • DemitriMDemitriM Posts: 303 ★★
    Thor ragnorak...something is off with his attack speed
    what you say only happens to me when I'm using Thor R
  • dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,442 ★★★★
    Just happened to me in AQ, vs Kingpin ... no he wasn't unstoppable at the time .. I got first 2 hits off, no lag, no pauses .. suddenly he's blocking ... O.o
    it's rare .. but it's happened 2 or 3 times over the years .. *shrug*

    bug ? Yep .. good luck tracking it down with that rate of occurrence! LOL
  • ZuroZuro Posts: 2,024 ★★★★★
    This has been happening to me also occasionally but I just brush it off although it is super annoying and can cost a big fight
  • Gino1290Gino1290 Posts: 37
    Definitely not you only ive had my attack pause mid combo several times,and taken a 5 hit combo in return ,actually it seems like its pausing alot,after 5 hitcombos there is a slight delay in my movement and i cant get my block up in time again taking a combo to the face lol ,Im sick of filling out their stupid template cuz i doubt they even read them or care!!
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