I really think Psylocke needs a buff

My 4th 5* was a phylocke and shes actually pretty decent but i really think she could be a possible god teir.
*first she has some dang swords and dosent do bleed. this would get her more known
*I also understand her swords are like her psy power or whatever but if they cant do bleed then gives us shock because her crit with add on shock would be godly

On my last discussion i had alot of people say king groot was fine as is and io know i will get some here but i really like the character but i think if they even give her a small buff she can be almost as good as corvious glave


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    A buff would be welcome but not necessary. Psypocke is great as she is. Just a bit tricky to use. Magik is more straightforward that's why she overshadows her but she's great if you play her right. There are many more champs who need a desperate buff than Psylocke.
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    Psylocke is pretty good. She can power lock virtually any champ with a few exceptions. It wouldn’t make any sense for her weapons to deal shock damage because that’s not what they do.she doesn’t use electric swords or shock batons.
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    Psylocke should be god tier honestly. She could have mind control for defense, bonus energy damage along with her sword attacks, etc. She doesn't use her powers enough imo. She could have her own form like CM's binary or Omega's death field where she unleashes her full power. We know that will never happen because Kabam is too focused on putting out deals. Many characters in this game have boring abilities that are barely similar to comics. Unfortunately she is just an unfun power control champ
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    no i dont agree since her power control is pretty good and she is an awesome match up to take down the collector.
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    Ivan1016 said:

    no i dont agree aince her power control is pretty good and she is an awesome match up to take down the collector.

    ok buddy

  • NanoDroidNanoDroid Posts: 48
    Her only downside is the rate at which she gains power other than that she's fine
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    Pyslocke is fine as she is.
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