Alliance disbanding and looking for a home

Disbanding Alliance and looking for a home for myself and 5 Alliance members. Ratings very from 42k-175k. All active and participate in AQ and AW.


  • What's your ign
  • DoowalesDoowales Posts: 25
    What’s you in game name
  • IGN is Iron Stan Lee
  • Gladiator2014Gladiator2014 Posts: 283
    Hi Iron Stan Lee. I submitted a friend request to you in-game. We have a sister alliance, [Dos34], that can accommodate up to 11 teammates. Our sister alliance is an organized, active AQ focused alliance. There are no donations currently and no event minimums. We have veterans players from the main alliance that help mentor the teammates in the sister alliance with game related issues like, how to complete certain content, how to set up mastery correctly, which champs to rank up next, etc. So, you and anyone in your alliance would be welcome to join our sister alliance. We use Telegram in the sister alliance as our communication app. This is also used in the main alliance.

    Please contact Fost Army, the leader, if you would like to join. That is his IGN. If you have any questions, I can also assist in answering them. I run the main alliance, [1Dos3], and my IGN is gladiator2014.
  • MartinoosoMartinooso Posts: 49
    Hey man.
    I might have an offer for a few of You in a very active gold 3 alliance.
    Add me in line chat to get into details - martinooso
  • Roguefrogger13Roguefrogger13 Posts: 268
    Hey man so I actually have four openings in my alliance. nobody left on bad terms but people get busy in their personal life so we are losing four players. We are gold 2 and we run map 5 all week along with wars 3 times a week. My alliance is one of the oldest in the game and we have a really great group of players. Most of the players in my group have been here for years now. we don't tolerate bullying and we encourage practicing. We are looking for some players that are good at communicating because we are all about teamwork. My name in the game and my line ID is pedro1328. Lmk. I could get four of you guys in right now and if you have any other players interested we might be able to fit them in before the next war season begins. Lmk
  • Oggy_1Oggy_1 Posts: 63
    Add me "oggy112" we're strong AQ focus, aiming to 250 and tier3 in AW. We run map6 every week
  • Oggy_1Oggy_1 Posts: 63
    @kelvin we can talk about a merger if you want
  • 300mike300mike Posts: 18
    hey if your still looking let me know line id is 300mike
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