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So I, like many other summoners, have come across hard times when it comes to gold. I currently stand at a meager 20k gold, and I got to thinking. A few thoughts about gold right now:
1. Kabam should definitely give more gold for beating an opponent in regular questing; the few hundred we are given makes no sense for Master mode.
2. The gold-to-unit ratios in this game are completely off. If a Golden crystal gives 2400 gold for 20 units, that means that one unit equals roughly 120 gold. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that exchange rate of units to gold is terrible. Therefore, I'd like to see an update to the Golden crystal. You could have it for Uncollected, or players above a certain level, or players with a certain amount of 4*/5*. I don't really care. Just PLEASE fix the Golden crystals, those rates are horrible. (I would like to convert gold to units using that rate though! :smile: )
3. Just a minor observation, even though I have observed that the Golden crystal units-to-gold rate is terrible, you know what's worse? Selling items for gold. A 40% Revive, or a 40 unit value, can be sold...for 400 gold. And an Energy Refill, at 30 units, can be exchanged for only 300 gold. I know that nobody would sell either of these, but I'm just saying; if we sell our very VALUABLE items we should get compensated at a rate higher than 10 gold/unit. (Again, I'm sure if we could convert gold to units at that rate, Kabam would fix it within seconds)
4. Finally, I'd like to see a possible Gold Boost be added to the game, similar to the summoner appreciation boost given out. I can see these being earned through solo/alliance events, and giving 10%, 20%, and 30% boosts to the amount of gold earned. On the topic of boosts, I would really like to see more creative boosts being added, such as those being based off of nodes. I think a lot of the fun nodes to play in the game such as Life Transfer would be really good as masteries or boosts, and again, I can see these being earned through events or maybe through the Alliance Crystal.
So there you have it. Am I onto something? Have I misstated something? Am I completely off my rocker? Please share your thoughts guys! Thanks!


  • Romario26 wrote: »
    Lemme give you the response that people will give you to this discussion. “Arena arena arena! We have a lot gold so you shouldn’t complain about your lack of gold! I feel so good doing this, I also feel good telling veterans on the street I have more money than them too! I feel so alive!”

    Crack up
  • gold issue is real .. my alliance has dropped to doing map 4 coz people can not afford donations
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    @Kabam Miike You see this? Most people are having problems in generating gold. You can go to "The Team" and tell them about it, and how it needs to be resolved.
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    They keep adding champions that take more and more gold to rank up and they have kept the gold received from questing the same for an eternity. Doesn’t make any sense. Make a daily gold quest or make the gold rewards from BCs higher or make golden crystals give more gold or make questing gold rewards a LOT bigger or implement all of these. I don’t have as much time for arena now bc I am always running special event quests and burning refills to finish the difficulties.
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    Kabam did raise the rewards in gold a few months ago.

    I always have a minimum of 2500000 gold.

    I find there is a strategic approach to opening cristals, having iso, and ranking up champions.

    If you open all your cristals without having a strategy to rank up the right champions, you can end up loosing iso, and thats when I see players spending gold on ranking up the wrong champions, because the dont want to loose the iso.

    My advice is to gather the ressources first, to rank champions that will help you finish quest. At the same time, don’t open all your cristals, stock, your shards.
    When you have enough resources, like Catalist and all the gold you saved.
    Start ranking up your champion, if you need Iso, open your cristals, and use the iso from the duped ones.

    If you have no champions that is worth ranking up, gather the ressources, stock the shards, sell the iso that will expire.

    I am never out of gold or iso this way.

    And yes for the extra gold, you gotta grind the arena a little bit.
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    Romario26 said:

    Lemme give you the response that people will give you to this discussion. “Arena arena arena! We have a lot gold so you shouldn’t complain about your lack of gold! I feel so good doing this, I also feel good telling veterans on the street I have more money than them too! I feel so alive!”

    I am so tired of this logic and this argument, it is utterly banal.

    The means by which to collect gold is in the game. Anyone can do it.

    If you don't have the time to invest to play the game properly, that's fair enough and I totally understand. There are lots of other games in the world.
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    Also the amount of gold we do get...even in arena is geared towards 4* and 5* were beyond that now so it's time to get gold that relates to that as well.
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    A couple hundred thousand a week is not going to make a difference for people trying to spend millions faster than the system wants them to spend it.
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    It's a little on the low end for sure if you don't grind arena a ton. What I try to do is bang out the first two or three milestones in two or three arenas, and spend it only on the most important champ I need.

    It seemed like it was maybe gonna work until these Intel quests came along and forced my hand on more rank ups than I could take haha. And that's just 4*s.. 5* rank ups are way pricier.

    But yeah, I just wish it was a little more easily accessible so I could rank up champs I need to progress, and also rank up champs that may not be great, but I just like em and they're fun to play.
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    Drooped2 said:

    Buttehrs said:

    Also the amount of gold we do get...even in arena is geared towards 4* and 5* were beyond that now so it's time to get gold that relates to that as well.

    You could just earn it the way it is now.
    Sitting on 15iah million with
    5 r5 champs
    7 r4s
    10 6 stars
    no spending
    Not everyone has the time or wants to do arena. Any other mobile game ever has a way to farm gold at least once a week.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 28,152 ★★★★★
    If you mean a game that only requires you to log on and collect Resources, that would be Farmville.
    Many people don't have time. That's fine. They earn what they have time for. This is not a game that allows people to play and Rank at a highly-competitive level with the bare minimum amount of time spent. I think you'll find that true with any game.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 28,152 ★★★★★
    I don't care if they do. I'm trying to point out a larger problem. People are running out because they're trying to spend beyond their means. I make over double that every week doing very little in the Arena, but I also spend wisely. 200k a week isn't going to put a dent in what people are trying to spend, Ranking 5*s and 6*s too fast.
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    Yeah true matter has to be take under consideration by KABAM, as now people are upgrading 6 star champs
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    Drooped2 said:

    Buttehrs said:

    I'm not taking about logging in and just getting stuff. I'm talking like say for instance marvel strike force. 3 days a week you have specific gold quests. Once a week is too much to ask? Im not saying just hand gold out. 200k a week would not break or hurt kabams bottom line in anyway shape or form. Plus it would require energy so technically it wouldn't be free anyways. Why should a player be punished because they dont like a certain game mode?

    I dont like allaince events wheres my t5b system? Same arguement as why should a player be punished cause he doesnt like an event.
    This is the real issue. What can’t we just have a once a week event for T5B. Really unfair that it takes months to get one.
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    While we are at it, why don’t we have a Daily T5CC quest that we can auto play through too?
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    You mentioned a better version of gold crystals, when you become uncollected you have access to the uncollected golden crystal that costs 40 units and guarantees a minimum of 15000 gold.
    I find it hard to get gold, not long ago I was at 400 gold after leveling up a 6*, but I did arena for a week and got back to 1.3 million. I hated it, but I did it, so there are ways.
    I agree that there needs to be accessibility to gold because the cost for leveling and ranking up is sky high for 5* and 6* champs and to be honest there hasn't been a big change to gold accessibility in months.
    I see 2 easy solutions
    -Gold arena, each milestone has gold, not a game breaking amount, but enough to make a difference
    -Playing well bonus. This is the one I like the best. Get 50% extra gold for not being hit, and another 50% for not taking damage (yellow health bar). Doing this you can get players to learn how to play better because they are awarded, and you also get the juicy gold (double for a perfect fight) taking (for example) 500 gold up to 750 or even 1000 gold per fight in an event quest
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