Need new alliance, gold 1 5x5 minimum

Hi guys,

I have been with my last alliancefor the last 10 months and after this season most of the vets here have moved on and I’m looking to do the same.

I’m Australian based and make all moves required (when I’m not asleep). I took path 1 in AW and didn’t die last season taking the miniboss and sometimes boss.

Hit me up on line or game or here, all the same name: Pazinator


  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 459
    Hey, you posted twice :). To repeat . . . We don't meet your requirements but we are recruiting for a bg we lost. We were running map 5 but are now running 4 due to loss of players. We were gold 2 in Season 7, building back up now. Been together since 2015 and have a strong core group of players. We're pretty social and use line. Hang with us, once we are fill we'll be what you're looking for! In game or on line at DaBills :). Thanks.
    And we have two players from Australia so that works out good.
  • Tim2000zzTim2000zz Posts: 19
    edited March 2019
    Hey man, we do 5x5 and are gonna start doing map 6 1 day in 1 by, we've hit gold 1 the past 6 seasons (first 2 seasons were gold 2 but we were still growing)
    message me in game or in Line app

  • PazinatorPazinator Posts: 69
    Update: I would like to try map 6 so will go with a home which is doing map 6
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