being uncollected

okay so this has been bothering me, and im sure its bothered many others to.
Ever since act 6 came out and becoming a cavalier.
Being uncollected is almost pointless . our grandmaster crystals are so expensive for those who arent a caviler . the rewards are way lowered, becoming uncollected is supposed to mean sonething i feel like the drop rstes for 5*s should be rasied on the grandmaster crystals because this is ridiculous


  • menacemenace Posts: 21
    or lower the price for the crystals because the drop rates are terible for gmcs
  • Thecrusher_9756Thecrusher_9756 Posts: 766 ★★★
    Almost pointless?? Except for the fact you unlock uncollected difficulty which gives you a 6* every few months
  • LordRaymondLordRaymond Posts: 33
    Being Uncollected is so much more of a step than becoming cavalier. Being cavalier just means that you get more opportunities to give kabam your money through crystals. The 4hr crystal is honestly about the same. And as stated above, the uncollected EQ is so much more of a step. Even if they added a cavalier EQ, Uncollected would still be a better step than Cavalier.
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