Legends run

The_Boss9The_Boss9 Posts: 1,394 ★★★
Anyone have any additional tips for me for a legends run?( legends title not LOL) I have almost maxed suicides which I’ll max out soon, boosts, a lot of energy refills, a 5/65 corvus, my team is Corvus, proxima, dr strange, nick fury, and I’m not sure about the last slot. I have an iPhone 8 so I should be fine for lag, any other tips?


  • xNigxNig Posts: 5,715 ★★★★★
    Have fun. 😊

    Pretty easy for CG to get a tag.
  • ColdbloodedColdblooded Posts: 21
    I would put quake as your fifth slot for jug and Mr.sinster. Have another device for the stopwatch. I did master first then heroic. If you get 1hr 40mins for master you probably Gucci for your heroic run. I got the 43rd place on the recent legend run with 3hr 19 mins.
  • ColdbloodedColdblooded Posts: 21
    oh and pick a movie that is around 3:20 long or pick two movies.
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