AI ever increasing speed

Anyone else really annoyed at how Kabam ups the AI speed and reduces their recovery time after every update? They pushed it further than ever before with this one.


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    Ther hav done it one purpose but yes. I’m anyoing it to
  • ImAdudeImAdude Posts: 5

    Drooped2 said:

    You mean making the game require more skill? I'm all for it.

    Lol, right because defenders attacking when you’re hitting their block, or dropping specials in between combos are a skill based problems. Careful, your ignorance is showing.

    I've noticed it too, it's a challenge enough to "not get hit or you die..." while fighting new, unfamiliar characters... while they bust out an l2 on the 3rd hit of you 5 hit combo.

    What really annoys me is when using Vision AoU, I can always dash in after my L1 and my L2, now it depends on what I'm in (arena, event quest, aq aw etc) I completely agree with you and nice burn lol
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    Yeah the ability to hit a special in the middle of your block attack is an interesting mechanic to deal with
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    Yes, I stopped counting the number of time the AI was able to land a combo or a special in the middle of my own MLLLM, something the never did before the last update... but I guess they will simply sweep this one under the carpet since it's not beneficial to the players unlike the NF Kit bug they fixed in no time... or it's by design and it's just another sad move by Kabam, who knows.

    To Kabam I want to say this : 2019 should have been a year a celebration and success for mcoc and the community, with all the new movies coming out and the events associated with them, and also the Fantastic Four, but your lack of concern, your general attitude and refusal to listen to that same community is turning this year into a complete disaster, one that could very well mark the begining of the end for mcoc, and that would be a real shame.
  • MorgothMelkorMorgothMelkor Posts: 92
    I think the best example of this is Killmonger ... no way can you throw your sp2 after a 5hit combo, but AI seems to be able to do it every time
  • PaddiePaddie Posts: 28
    Definitely a noticeable increase, yes
  • LaserjungeLaserjunge Posts: 33
    Same here. I always thought its just my perception. Also, its rediculous how fast it can block within a 5 hit combo. No human would be able to do that.
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    I’m convinced that since this last update they are stingier on specials. If I push them to sp2 I spend 30-60 secs trying to bait out the special now... that’s if they don’t force me to a corner
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    The AI recovery time is increased after special attacks I feel like, harder to punish specials
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