Rocket's Scrapyard... Warning, spoilers! Enter at own risk!

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Some of you may have been around back then, but others may have not, and honestly, I would love if it returned... Rocket's Scrapyard was essentially a side quest to what I believe (but aren't 100% sure about... Hopefully my memory serves me correctly...) was the first year anniversary GOTG quest, where they introduced Groot to the game. The goal of this side quest was to spend the "scrap" you accumulated through doing the Eq on resources such as SMC's, CMC's, 3*/4* crystals and various level/type catalysts, and to finish/collect the reward, you'd battle a r1 adaptoid... You could constantly retake/reunlock paths you had previously taken to get that resource again (given you had the required quantity of scrap).

I was thinking, because rocket is gonna be helping Tony and the team in avengers endgame (supposedly helping make Tony's new suit, the quantum suits and various gadgets) I thought it would be a great throwback and side quest for kabam to run alongside the endgame eq. What do you guys think?


  • Hey there!

    It's unlikely that Rocket's Scrapyard would be making a comeback any time soon. At least, not as a quest.

    That was before we had the ability to create Event Specific currencies that could be used in the Store. The Scrapyard was our way of making a sort of "store" without actually being able to make a store.

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