Alliance needed !!!!

Hi ... looking for semi retired alliance.. with high end players who got tired of T1-2-3 war and map 5-6-7 ... so im looking for an alliance with no donations and no war requirements !!! NOT INTERESTED IN PULLING A BEGINNERS ALLIANCE ON MY SHOULDERS... just some high end accounts chilling !!!!


  • BboychoboBboychobo Posts: 247 ★★
    oh BTW thats my profile !!!
  • HindutmoHindutmo Posts: 55
    We are looking for a few more high end players. We are upcoming but we are holding our own. We have players from 600k down to 11k in the course of 3 weeks we went from hitting 4mil in AQ to probably closing out at 16mil this week.

    We are also recruiting by BG need 3 more high end players to start doing map 4 and 5.
    War is optional if you want but not required. Also no donation are required. Only rule is we communicate on line.

    In game is HinDutMo message me if interested

  • Ra5anooVaRa5anooVa Posts: 15
    Maybe we could help.
    Contact me on line if you're interested.
    ID: ra5anoova
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 570
    Hey just putting this out there, we are not a beginner alliance. We have been together since 2015. We have a strong core group. We are running map 4. AW is not mandatory. We only run one bg. No donations. Lost a bg so we are at 24 players running two groups in AQ until full. In game or on line at DaBills. Thanks!
  • WeezerKDI1WeezerKDI1 Posts: 225
    Look up AddisonBassist. I think he has what you are looking for. He has a good thing going on in his alliance.
  • BboychoboBboychobo Posts: 247 ★★
    @WeezerKDI1 no such user found
  • Nkrzykwa1Nkrzykwa1 Posts: 90
    @Bboychobo message me on Line app. ID is Nkrzykwa1
  • NejisoujiroNejisoujiro Posts: 24
    Hey, if you’re still looking, we’re a no donation, Gold 2, Map 4 alliance. Looking for one more. All adults balancing semi meaning mcoc with real life. We’re gonna end up at Gold 1, maybe lower Plat next season. Let me know if you’re still looking.

    I’m the leader.
    IGN: DrTom
    LINE: Aaliner
  • MagsMags Posts: 132
    If you haven't found a spot, hit me up.
    Line ID is Limitedcontact
    In game name is -Mags-
    IFC18 is our alliance.

    We need one, and are pretty much what you're looking for. Super chill, semi retired group.

    We'd love to have you.
  • DaHomieNoLifeDaHomieNoLife Posts: 63
    Hit me up on line my id is dago.acuna
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