Are the newer champs OP?

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Legitimate question. I feel like a good handful of the 2017 champs are literally a new tier of God mode! Between the insane Stark Spider being crowned the new SL and AA shaming GP, Voodoo, and probably BW/CB as well and even Ice and KG both pulling off ridiculous sustain and damage for thier sustain that well… some of them may have crossed the line that Thor, DS and BW all payed for crossing back on v12

Are the newer champs OP? 40 votes

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Just another Otter post, carry on
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    Just another Otter post, carry on
    Lol. Sorry. Had to.
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    I feel like the same as how mystic dispersion does not need to be nerfed and instead the other class masteries buffed, I would rather they just revisit old champions and make them stronger or more interesting.

    Some of them are already pretty strong. Yellow Jacket has a lot of damage for example, even if there's not a lot going on in his kit, and same with Hawkeye particularly when he's duped.

    I wouldn't say Archangel is shaming anyone either, he is stronger against champions who can bleed and poison, but significantly worse against those who have an immunity. Ultron even heals off his specials because they are considered energy damage.

    The new characters are probably as strong as the old "god" mode champions, they are just less consistent. Voodoo for example will absolutely destroy a buff stacking champion, but if they are poison immune he has to fall back on his lvl 2 damage. He's god mode when has the right set up, but is just ok the rest of the time, and I'm alright with that.
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    Lol. Sorry. Had to.

    I had a feeling you'd be on one of my polls so I put that there just for you
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    Just another Otter post, carry on
    Mr_Otter wrote: »
    Lol. Sorry. Had to.

    I had a feeling you'd be on one of my polls so I put that there just for you

    I don't have anything against you. I just find the Posts repetitive.
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    1. I refuse to muddy up a reply with a quote so bare with me

    2. AA actually can shame BW as a low dupe AA can but out similar reduction as a mid-high dupe BW... also when the enemy is bleeding he DEFINITELY shames Abomination with poisons while blocking. But I see him being a bit more situational than GP and BW so I can see your point…

    3. I'll add to your Voodoo section by also adding that he can provide up to 50% ability Reductions which AGAIN kinda shows up champions like AA, BW, to a degree as he only needs a gem and an odd special to have a perm 50% (at the cost of some utility) while BW needs a mid-hogh dupe and AA needs to be able to bleed and poison

    Now I'm trying to abstain from any GENOCIDE level of nerfs it'd take to make the game more balanced but that's what it'd take in terms of nerfing to make the game more fair

    But I am in favor of doing a "Grand-Update" to a LOT of champions

    A few buffs I'm really trying to push are for SIM and IM as regen at low health is no longer average since Voodoo, KG, P99, and VP showed up

    Sim could get:
    •40-70% Power Reduction resistance above 50% health
    •Give him the Shock equivalent of Wolvierne (the most notable feature of the Endo armor was TASERS IN THE ARMS)
    •The Symbiote biology infused with Stark tech means that whenever performing a well timed block there is a 85% chance to steal an enemy Buff and use it to create a 12% Prowess buff. (Cool down 3 seconds) (limit 6 stacks)
    •Whenever an enemy Precicion, Cruelty, Fury, or Armor buff expires or is stolen the Symbiote's biology tries to adapt a similar Buff with 79% Accuracy and potency lasting 6 seconds (limit 1 per buff type)

    •Iron man would get the same Power Protection
    •Stark Charges that are maxed at 3 and gained by dodge-holding 2 seconds and can only gain 1 per action of Dode Holding
    •Sp1 and Sp2 would consume 1 charge each overloading the repulsers and be unblockable and ignore ALL abilities (except masteries)
    •enemy special attacks remind Tony to be careful using 1 charge to charge EMPs which gives Tony the Buff Equivent of Enervate for 15 seconds (does not re-activate until the buff wears off)
    •L3 would Overclock the suit consuming all Stark charges giving him true strike and increasing all non-health/attack stats by 50% for 27 seconds (cannot gain charges while overloaded)

    IP I've yet to create a Buff I like for but 20% boosted power for 5 seconds after filling a bar of power and 9% ability accuracy and 10% armor break potency increase for each buff the enemy has would be interesting as Norman ISNT the type to let the enemy show him up
  • new champ is not OP... but its look like OP... why?.. bcoz it's just an ordinary kabam things... dont u guys ever learn?...
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    Look at the lost of god-tier champions and who do you see? Cap WW2, Star Lord, Wolverine, Hyperion, Scarlet Witch, and Dr Voodoo. That's 4 old champions and 2 new. Yeah there are some great new champions but it's not like the old ones are useless. Sometimes simplicity is better.
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