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Chip Damage is getting ridiculous.

What has happened to the AI in this game? In the last 2 months the AI has been full of bugs, to many to count. However I have noticed that if the opponent attacks your block without parry the damage is insane. It’s like the invade node is now silently applied to every fight. Can someone respond to this known issue?


  • TheReverendTheReverend Posts: 126
    I use mostly 5/65 Champs. Sparky, Hyp, GR, Blade, Vision. Sometimes I may use a 3/45 or 4/55. For example in Variant 2 my 3/45 Venom was loosing about 10% health per blocked hit against HTD in Variant 2 Ch. 2.1
  • TheReverendTheReverend Posts: 126
    Update 5/65 Hyperion was getting hit for 2k dmg through block against Symbiote Spider-Man in Variant 2 ch. 2.1
  • Notcho59Notcho59 Posts: 116
    I've noticed this issue as well.

    I can't remember who it was (someone from omni ACE maybe?) posted a war Vid where he was fighting against MODOK on node 24 and MODOK hit into his block for 2k damage and the screen said critical as if he was hit with a critical attack through his block. The block damage has definitely been increased in this latest update.
  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 380 ★★★
    I've noticed that enemies who should not be are criting through a block. It even says critical on the screen.
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