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I need Gold1 5x5 map alliance!!!!

Gold 1 5x5 map

Line : JVM


  • PurplehazePurplehaze Posts: 10
    We are gold 2 on the verge of Gold 1, we are a solid group and are lookin for a solid player like you to make it there with us. Line id is frcruz16 or game name is IAMCRUZ!!! Hit me up and we can talk.
  • JoeySchmoeyJoeySchmoey Posts: 112
    We’ve been Gold 1 for past 8 seasons. Message me at Line:joeyschmoey
  • SwtbcSwtbc Posts: 13
    Majestic 30 [MJ-30]

    20 mil needs an active player with LINE. Alliance War (Gold 1 t5, top 500), AQ Expert 5x5. Running (666) day one of AQ.

    125k Gold, 9k Battle Chips, 9k Loyalty

    Message swtbc on LINE or In Game
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,050 ★★★★★
    Where are you from?
  • Shin_OniShin_Oni Posts: 13
    Hi, my alliance is a gold 1 alliance, and we do AQ map 5 and 6 (map 6 on AW placement days). if interested then please hit me up on line @ shin_oni
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