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Game is down...yet again...8/5/17 2:09AM PST

I really and truly hope that Kabam is putting together an absolutely amazing compensation package to make up for all of these insane outages we have been seeing since the day or 2 prior to the new update leading thru to now. This is nuts!

They should also be padding the arena results to include lower scores, since so many players have been screwed by all this downtime, like they did with the Droid-Hyperion debacle. If I had any idea how many bugs and service interruptions would have occurred with the new update I would have hesitated to download it for at least a few days until some of this had been sorted.


  • AnmaelAnmael Posts: 20
    And now another network down issue 8/5/17 10:57PM PST...again
  • Having outages is normal you can't expect to be compensated every single time. And the time that the game is down isn't even that long. So stop **** and deal with it like the rest of us lol.
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