Ideal Device for MCOC?

Nothing over 399$ (Canadian dollars). An Apple or Android is ok, but who knows what device is good for the game? I have seen iPads that seem good, but they are over my budget. Any help is appreciated.


  • X_Factor_AgentX_Factor_Agent Posts: 842 ★★★
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    LG Stylo 3 is good. Don't go to new versions of it though. Heard bad things of Stylo 4.
    LG G flex is also great(Loads slightly faster) . Haven't tried the newer version since I switched to Stylo though. I use it every now and then though. It has a lot of storage as well.
  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 1,305
    Apple. Btw Lgstylo 3 and 4 suck horribly
  • TyrannusTyrannus Posts: 155
    Tbh they should make the game run smooth on any device going out to spend hundreds of dollars pounds etc on the new iOS Android i definitely wouldn’t to play a game that constantly has connection issues etc
  • PeterQuillPeterQuill Posts: 886 ★★★
    Oh oh oh I get to say it first this time! Your wallet.
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 1,148 ★★★
    A Friend of mine uses the pixel 3a (I think) and it runs pretty well for a non iPhone. An iPhone is almost always the way to go but I think the pixel is more accommodating when it comes to price, and it’s a very solid phone in and of itself.
  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 577 ★★
    For best gameplay have the latest device. I know I have an iPhone 6 and it still works well, but may get a new phone next year.

    I'm surprised someone didn't post a picture of a credit card as a joke.
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