8.2k prestige looking for map 5 (some map 6 ok) and gold 1 minimum

I haven’t done map 6 yet, but I should be able to handle with my roster. I’m active in aq, war, and events. Just looking for similar minded group to get stuff done with. Please don’t bother if you’re asking for more in donations than maps cost. Sorry, but I don’t want to fund anyone else’s maps.

Line ID Khanmedina


  • Shin_OniShin_Oni Posts: 13
    Hi, if you are still looking for an alliance then lets have a chat on line. You id is shin_oni.
  • Shin_OniShin_Oni Posts: 13
    My alliance is a gold 1 alliance and AQ map 5 and 6 (map 6 on AW placement days)
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