8:6k p looking for top 500 aq map 5x5 plat3

As mentioned in title I m looking for a new home who r plat3 aw easy going no stress and top 500 or above map 5x5 or few map 6 with low donations.As I m working on variants and act 6 to explore.used to be in tier 2 map 7 alliances.
Prestige atm is 8.5k+ With 3 5/65 both variants r nearly done so 2 more rank 5/65 is almost in the pocket,however holding a 4 t5b for a decent rank 2 6* or so but no luck yet.
Let me know here if Interested and drop the alliance name,tag and line I’d I’ll hit u up asap thanx


  • MRod77MRod77 Posts: 154
    Might try us. Top 450 in AQ. Tier 3/4 in AW. Low donations.
    ISO8D ally tag
    MROD77 Line id

  • AddyosAddyos Posts: 986 ★★★★
    If you haven't found anyone to your liking as yet, you can check out my ally. Gold 1 and top 500 AQ with one Map 6 BG and two Map 5 BGs. Contact me for more information on Line at Addyos if interested.
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,570 ★★★
    We run 2BGs 6x5 and one bg 5x5. Gold 1 AW with no items and no boosts needed. AQ focused. Top 300 each week. 240 mil

    B_Dizzle_01 ign
    b_dizzle_01 line
    B_Dizzle_01#1147 discord
  • Theviper2388Theviper2388 Posts: 154
    Cheers guys will let u know if decide anything,waiting for more offers lol 😝
  • UltraGislooking4_UltraGislooking4_ Posts: 71

    Hit me up in line ultrag
  • BloodwaveBloodwave Posts: 114
    Plt3 top250
    3 days of map6

    AW plt3 +

    Ign: blood wave
    Line: bloodwave_
  • ShannandoShannando Posts: 41
    Did you find an alliance? Check us out. Aq rank in the 300s. Gold 1 aq.
    Ign/line id: shannando
  • Nkrzykwa1Nkrzykwa1 Posts: 87
    Chill and laid back but organized. Plat 3 top 500 map 6 3x a week b
  • Nkrzykwa1Nkrzykwa1 Posts: 87
    Line ID nkrzykwa1
  • ABBAcadabraABBAcadabra Posts: 55
    Add me for line recruitment chat - abbacadabra
  • Shin_OniShin_Oni Posts: 13
    Hi, I am recruiting for a gold 1 alliance and we do AQ map 5 and map 6 (map 6 on AW placement days). If interested then please ping me on line @ shin_oni
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